Tuesday, August 10, 2010

‘’Zeyad Mourad has been wondering about what it is that makes Facebook so attractive to some, and so abhorred by others’’...?

Let me start by talking about what I like about Facebook. When I signed up, I did so to just to take part in the trend and because I was succumbing to peer pressure. But now it all looks pretty different. I actually know in a pretty clear manner what it is that I like and dislike about the whole Facebook thing – which some have managed to turn into a Farce-book as well.

Something says if you are a whiner, a master networker, dull, or if you share too much or too little. I won’t be surprised if TV crime shows start psychologically profiling victims and killers through their Facebook activity – they are probably thinking about it already. I know for a fact that some employers assess potential recruits by checking out what they do on Facebook.
Not a very comforting thought to people who value some privacy, and yet another step to taking Orwell’s “1984” closer to reality (there will be occasional instances where I will ‘’subtly’’ try to impress you with my reading and intellect – mostly it won’t work, but at least I would have tried).

Others simply hate Facebook; they hate it with a passion unparalleled by few, except by my wife’s passionate dislike for both Sushi and Facebook. I think they hate the hype, and sometimes hate what that it hasn’t struck them the right way from the beginning. But I will write another blog on love and hate of little things later on.

But I digress, and I will allow myself to do so because I am not at work. I can digress without any serious consequences, except the reader losing interest. But then at least I would have tried.
And this is what I am all about as I grow older – having tried!. And why do I try? I use it as an insurance against future regrets of deeds left undone for no better reason than laziness or lack of initiative. Basically I am trying to protect myself against regrets a few years from now, and from self-pity that will overcome me if I don’t start doing the things that always linger in the corner of my mind.

So let’s get going, and let me know what you think along the way, because this is just the beginning.


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